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How do I file a price-gouging complaint in Tennessee?

Price gouging is unreasonably raising prices or restricting supplies of essential goods or services in times of crisis.

In times of crisis, an unfortunate reality is that some businesses raise their prices to make a bigger profit.

If you believe a business is price gouging in Tennessee, you can file a complaint online.

Price gouging is unreasonably raising prices or restricting supplies of essential goods or services in direct response to a crime, act of terrorism, war, or natural disaster.

The state will investigate each complaint individually, taking into account other economic factors like increasing fuel costs and existing supplier agreements.

The state does suggest you contact the business first before filing a complaint because that may resolve it. They have a draft letter online that you can send to the business.

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The report must be filed by a state resident or by a business located in Tennessee and it must include documentation supporting the claim.

When including documentation, you should block out sensitive information like Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank and credit card numbers, and any other sensitive information because it becomes a public record and will be sent to the business along with a letter as

Once a complaint is filed, the business will be sent a copy of the complaint along with a letter asking the business to respond directly to you to resolve the dispute. The business will be called upon to inform the office on any resolution and the complainant will receive a copy of the letter.

It could take up to 30 days to process a complaint.

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