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How to get your savings in shape: making financial resolutions for 2020

We all want more money, and according to a certified financial planner, you can save more with some simple steps.

Saving more money and keeping track of your finances does not have to be difficult. 

10News spoke to certified financial planner Suzanne Himes, from Asset Planning Corporation for tips to get started, and she said there are ways you can make your financial goals fun.

To start, make a list of questions or concerns. Himes said to get answers as soon as you can to develop a strategy for your family.

Organization is key. Get organized now, and you will thank yourself during tax season. Make a space to organize your tax forms and documents that you get in your mail or email, Himes said. 

"Have them saved in one place so that when you are actually ready to file taxes or take them to your CPA or tax preparer, you've got it all together. That can take away a lot of stress," Himes said. 

When it comes to saving and budgeting, do not dread it. Himes suggested turning your savings plan into a savings game, like the 52-week challenge.

"It's what the name implies. It lasts for 52 weeks. Week one, you save a dollar. Week two, you save $2. Week three, you save $3 and so on. And by the end of 52 weeks, you've saved almost $1,400 dollars."

If you started now, you would only be a dollar behind. By the end, you would have $1,378.

"For most of us, that's a pretty good start on a trip or holiday events, special events, going to a wedding, things like that. It doesn't have to be complicated," Himes said.

Himes also recommended taking a look at your budget. 

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Write down how much money you bring home from work each month, and then subtract your non-negotiables like rent, electricity, food and transportation. What's left is your cash flow.

Then look at your other expenses and consider what you can do without. Himes said you do not have to crunch these numbers yourself. There are plenty of budget apps that can help, including Mint.

"Instead of having to manually tally up what you're spending on groceries, housing, transportation, it will really help you get going and then you can set targets and you can set savings goals as well," Himes said.

Himes also suggested turning to the envelope system. She said there are also apps built around that.

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Whatever you decide to do, Himes said not to compare yourself to others. She said it is easy to look at someone else on social media and think they have their life together.

"The grass is not always greener on the other side," Himes said.

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