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Labor Cabinet: 285 Kentucky employees to collect more than $1.1 million in missed wages

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet collected the $1,103,213 in restitution during October from companies that did not pay employees.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Payday never comes soon enough for most people. Yet, for 285 Kentucky employees, it is coming later than it ever has before.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet collected $1,103,213 in restitution from 224 companies throughout the state. More than a third came from a single company that miscalculated more than $400,000 in overtime wages.

Other companies include a hospital system, a coal company, and several other businesses. Once restitution is paid, the Labor Cabinet closes the company's case.

This total does not include restitution paid to Blackjewel coal miners who finally began receiving checks in October after the company filed for bankruptcy in July.

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The Labor Board starts an investigation into a company after receiving complaints about unpaid wages from employees. Anyone can file a complaint to the cabinet through its website. It then examines the company's payrolls before determining if restitution is owed.

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“The Labor Cabinet staff continues working to make sure all employees across the Commonwealth get what is owed to them,” David Dickerson said, the Labor Cabinet Secretary said.

Companies are also fined for the failing to pay employees, in addition to restitution charges.

RELATED: Miners to receive back pay in Blackjewel case

“The number one rule of business is to pay your people,” Dickerson said in a press release. “If you can’t do that, we will make sure you do. These employees have a right to their livelihood.”