The beginning of the year brought tough discussions for the Knox County School Board.    

"We've known all along that it's going to be a tough year and have a budget shortfall," Board Member, Terry Hill said.

The board started to consider budget cuts to magnet schools and Project Grad. Both propositions weren't too popular with some parents and school administrators. 

April 9: Hundreds show support for magnet programs in face of proposed cuts

"I think it would be wise on their part to reconsider clearly the community has spoken out against this proposed budget," Green Magnet Academy Principal, Jessica Holman said. 

Later in April,  more troubles erupted over TNReady testing for the third year in a row.

"All of a sudden we got ready to submit and could not do that," West High School Principal, Ashley Jessie.

April 17: Parents upset with the troubling timeline of TNReady testing

Hundreds of students were met with technical issues trying to complete the test. The Department of Education later blamed hackers for the difficulties and frustration over how that caused test delays made it all the way to the governor's office.

April 18: Ed commissioner: TBI, Homeland Security investigating potential TNReady cyber attack

"We'll extend them to the full extent of the law," Governor Haslam said. 

The issues also led some to call for the department's education commissioner's resignation.

In June, the Knox County School Board met to settle a few key issues from earlier in the year.

"We had a lot of issues that we addressed," Knox County School Board Member, Patti Bounds.

The board confirmed Superintendent Bob Thomas for another year, funded magnet and gifted programs and finally it limited the public forum section at board meetings.

June 13: Knox County school board approves recommendation to fund magnet schools

"There's been challenges this year but I think it's gone well," Superintendent Bob Thomas said.

Two months later, in August Governor Haslam announced a statewide listening tour to get feedback on TNReady issues.

"We've had some issues without testing and it's really critical that we talk about that now," Governor Haslam said.

August 21: Gov. Haslam: Listening tour to improve state education assessments, asking for teacher feedback

Eventually, Governor-elect Bill Lee came out in support of school vouchers.

December 11: Gov.-elect Bill Lee open to supporting school voucher legislation for Tennessee students

"I am an advocate of choice and I think you will see going forward that I will advocate for parents to have choice," Governor-elect, Bill Lee said. 

Most recently, the state announced fall TNReady testing was a success.

December 18: State: Fall TNReady testing was a success