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8 safety tips for trick-or-treating this Halloween

Halloween is a time for some spooky fun, but for some people, particularly parents, it can be downright scary.

Halloween is a time for some spooky fun, but for some people, particularly parents, it can be downright scary.

This year, Halloween falls on Tuesday and while there are no official trick-or-treating hours set, the sun is expected to set just after 6 p.m. and most families should conclude their trick-or-treating by 9 p.m.

Fortunately, for parents seeking to take their kids out, there are lots of ways to enjoy Halloween safely and to have a bit of fun, too.

1. Light it up: Incorporate reflective tape into your child’s costume to make sure cars see them more easily. And don’t forget to bring flashlights as it gets darker outside.

2. Mask off: Skip masks which can obstruct your child’s vision or breathing (and their ability to eat candy). Instead, flex your make-up skills and paint directly onto your child’s face with non-toxic makeup. Make sure to wipe it all off before bedtime to avoid irritation.

3. Map it out: Figure out which neighborhoods you want to visit before you go. Include where bus and metro stops are, just in case you get tired along the way.

4. Check candy first: Before you eat your candy, make sure to check that it hasn’t been opened or visibly tampered with. Only eat candy that is factory-made and never accept homemade treats.

5. Comfortable costumes: Wear comfy shoes (even if they don’t go with the attire) and ensure that costumes aren’t too long to avoid tripping. Have your little one try out their costume a few days beforehand, so that they’re comfortable walking in it.

6. Fake weapons, only: Make sure your little pirate or knight’s sword is flimsy and bendable. They can be authentic, but can avoid hurting themselves or others should they fall or stumble.

7. Welcoming houses: Only approach houses that are well-lit and decorated. These are the ones that are likely in the Halloween spirit. Never enter the house of anyone, unless you absolutely know and trust them.

8. Never trick-or-treat on an empty stomach: Just like you’d never shop on an empty stomach, don’t do the same trick-or-treating to avoid snacking on your candy along the way.

For homeowners, make sure your house is well-lit, your pets are indoors, and your porch is free of leaves and other obstacles.

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