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‘Adulting Day’ teaches local high school seniors how to cook, change a tire, pay bills

Adulting is hard.

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Maybe you’ve seen the social media post asking, “what do high schoolers need to know before they enter the real world?”

At Bullitt Central High School, the seniors had time to spend on those topics on an Adulting Day event Wednesday.

Most days students are learning Algebra, Spanish, chemistry and other topics where they receive a grade.

Seniors in the class of 2019, however, received one-on-ones with people from the community - teaching things like dorm-room cooking, changing a tire, credit cards and financing. It was an event Christy Hardin, director of the BCHS Family Resource & Youth Services Center, organized for the students.

“I think that the idea occurred to me originally, I saw a Facebook post that parents passed around saying they needed a class in high school on taxes, and cooking,” Hardin said. “Our kids can get that, but they have to choose it. And (Wednesday) was a day they could pick and choose pieces they didn’t feel like they had gotten so far."

Police talked about interacting with officers during traffic stops.

Another speaker talked about when to know if homesickness is really homesickness, or a sign of something else.

Guest speakers also included members of the Army, Our Lady of Peace, and Shepherdsville Police.

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