TOWNSEND, Tenn. — Appalachian Bear Rescue took in four new yearlings over the weekend. 

"Just after Curator Janet’s live broadcast ended yesterday, we received a call about a possibly orphaned cub(s)in need of assistance," ABR started a Facebook post on Monday. 

Shortly after, another call came in about a yearling who also might need help and both reports turned out to be true and an already busy Sunday turned into one of the most hectic days (and nights) the Appalachian Bear Rescues said it has had this year.

"All hands on deck!"

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The first bear they rescued was a female 14-month-old yearling. She was spotted along a trail in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area.

"She wasn’t looking well and after 24 hours of observation, with no mother in sight, the National Park Services worked with the TWRA to rescue the bear and bring her to ABR."

She was taken to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for examination. She weighs 16.94 pounds, is thin and malnourished, according to ABR.

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"She was discharged into our care and is currently in one of the pens in The Cub Nursery," ABR said. "She slept most of the night but did have something to eat this morning. We named her Tulip Bear."

ABR takes in new yearlings
ABR takes in new yearlings

"We don’t know what happened to the mother of the three cubs. They are from Tennessee and are about two months old, the same age as Beignet and Boudreaux."

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The female has a white V blaze on her chest and weighs 3.6 pounds, ABR said. 

"We named her Bluebeary. One of her brothers, also has a white V blaze and weighs 3.6 pounds. We named him Hucklebeary. The third sibling, a male, has a partial V blaze and weighs 3 pounds. We named him Blackbeary."

Appalachian Bear Rescue said both are in good health and are residing in the pen recently vacated by Beignet and Boudreaux in The Cub Nursery.

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"It’s been an exhausting night, but the Beary Triplets and Tulip the yearling, seem to be doing well this morning. Our other residents are doing well too, and we’ll report on all our bears in our regular evening edition later tonight. Please welcome cubs Bluebeary, Hucklebeary, Blackbeary, and yearling, Tulip Bear."

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