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Baker's amazing 'Costco' birthday cake includes samples, churros and everything wholesale

This is going into year 30 with style, y'all.
Credit: Samantha Waller

The internet is losing it over this hilarious Costco-themed birthday cake a woman made for her friend’s 30th birthday in Los Angeles.

Samantha Waller, who runs her own custom cake business as a side-hustle, is the self-proclaimed “cake person” in her group of friends. But no one expected her to show up with a cake dedicated to her friend’s favorite place: Costco.

“She loves Costco, she’s just like obsessed,” Waller said with a laugh on Wednesday. “I thought it’d be fun to surprise her, go all out, and she loved it.”

Waller said she picked the most iconic Costco items to adorn the cake – like the drink, hotdogs, and pizzas – but also added her friend’s favorite things from the store.

Swipe right on the Instagram post below to see more photos of the cake!

“Not every Costco has churros, apparently,” Waller said. “They should though!”

She handled the cake but her friend who is a graphic designer helped her make the logos in honor of her friend, Nikki Olivia’s birthday.

Credit: Samantha Waller

“I’ve never received so much attention over a cake I’ve made, I’ve just been so flattered,” Waller said. “I just did this for my friend as kind-of a personal joke thing for her.”

Credit: Samantha Waller

You can follow Waller’s other custom cake creations on her Instagram here.