SEYMOUR, Tenn. — The Blount County Sheriff's Office has completed its investigation into the Brookhaven Animal Farm where a zebra was reportedly biting people. 

No criminal charges will be filed in the case, the sheriff's office said.

Over the past few weeks, there were four reports of a zebra on a private farm in Seymour biting individuals. 

The report released by BCSO on Wednesday morning indicated officials took three official reports, and one official call from Blount Memorial Hospital, in regards to a biting zebra. Those reports were filed as early as June 21 of this year. 

Officials said the first call was for an unidentified 26-year-old male, who said he had been bitten on the hand by a zebra. That call came from the hospital and his name was not released.

The second report indicated a BCSO intern, Vishaka Motheramgari, was bitten by a zebra on that property on the afternoon of July 2 and, according to the sheriff's office, she was sent to Blount Memorial Hospital for medical care.

The two other complaints were made by people who indicated they stopped at the private farm to further engage with the animals. 

Two women, Ashley Vila and Michaela Napier, told police they tried to take a photo with the zebra the night of July 2, and that Napier was bitten on her back by the zebra when she turned her back to take a picture with it.

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"I probably left a space about this big between me and the zebra, and I had got in position and was smiling for the picture and I just felt, can't really describe it, but almost being, just a huge impact on my back, and it latched on to me," Napier said in an interview with 10News on July 4

She said she remembers leaving the ground. 

"And it picked me up and slammed me down, and picked me up and slammed me down, and picked me up and slammed me down," Napier said. 

Napier said she spent seven hours at UT Medical Center. She didn't get stitches, but she got a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

A day later on July 3, the report said another zebra bite complaint was made by Tiffany England, who said she stopped to look at the zebra on the property and was petting it when it reportedly bit her right bicep and began to pull her arm.

England was also transported to Blount Memorial Hospital for medical care. 

Investigators have referred the case to the Blount County Health Department.

The Brookhaven Animal Farm is a private residence. The zebra and other animals are behind a fence on private property that's not open to the public.