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Anderson County Schools host vaccine clinic for students; one of the first in the state

At least 70 high school students will receive their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the event.

ANDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — The Anderson County School District is hosting a COVID-19 vaccine clinic for eligible students on Monday. The clinics will be at Anderson County High School and Clinton High School. 

At least 70 high school students will receive their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the event. 

The county health department will help store and administer the vaccines, along with school nurses. 

Students ages 16 and older who have received permission from their parents will receive their first dose. 

School leaders say this is not a requirement for students, but a personal choice that students and their parents made together.   

According to Nursing Director, Kathryn Price, Anderson County is among one of the first school districts in Tennessee to host a vaccine clinic for students. 

Price said, "We thought this would be a great service. This is also how we do our flu vaccines. This is just another personal choice. If students choose to get the vaccine, we are providing this service to them."

As district tournaments start... Some student athletes have decided to get vaccinated in hopes of finishing their season. 

ACHS softball coach, Allen Russell, said, "There is a certain date that you have to be done with your district tournament. Well, if you get contact traced and you're out for ten days, that tournament is over. Your season is over because someone got contracted traced or unfortunately got COVID." 

Again, school teachers said this is not a requirement for students, just an option for them if they wish to be vaccinated. 

If students begin to feel side effects from the vaccine, they will be able to visit the school nurse. 

The school district will hold another clinic for these students to receive their second dose in three weeks.