CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Over the last few weeks, as Juli Ghazi has been in and out of airports, she was inspired by the TSA agents and air traffic controllers that showed up for work, ready to ensure safety despite the government shutdown.

She felt called to show her appreciation, but didn't know how to personally thank each person. Then she had an idea -- she would invite furloughed federal workers to come dine at her pizza shop, Pure Pizza -- for free. 

"As an individual you can feel helpless and this felt like a way we could take action and be of service to all those who take care of us," Ghazi told NBC Charlotte.

The shop plans to keep this invitation open as long as the government is shutdown and federal employees go without a paycheck. 

The community has expressed their thanks already, commenting that this announcement makes a difference to them.

"The acknowledgment alone means a lot, a few of us here haven’t been eating out and we are growing more anxious by the day. This is so nice for you to do - we can now go out for lunch or dinner worry free," a commenter named Courtney replied. 

All employees have to do is bring their federal ID, then the shop will treat the employee and their family to some food. 

"This really makes us feel good that there are people who care," a commenter named Shannon said.