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Facebook post encourages neighbors to fill the needs of families around them

A post circulating in neighborhood Facebook groups are encouraging people to post what they need. People are volunteering to provide what they can.

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. — Posts popping up in neighborhood groups are encouraging the spirit of giving. It's a simple message to help families get what they need this holiday season when they otherwise may not be able to afford it.

Thursday night, a trunk full of food in the Harriman Kroger parking lot wasn't from a trip to the grocery store.

Tara Jordan filled her car up with food from her pantry and freezer to give away.

"I saw her post on a thing on Facebook and I said, 'will you meet me?' and she said yes," Jordan said.

A young family posted on a thread in a Roane County neighborhood Facebook group that they didn't have enough money for food and didn't qualify for government assistance, so Jordan stepped in to help make sure complete strangers had enough food.

"I kind of just made a thing within me that if I had the ability to help, I would, and I would never turn my back if I have that ability," Jordan said.

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That comment was one of the hundreds under a post circulating in neighborhood Facebook groups that read in part:

"What is one thing you need that you can't afford right now? Maybe you have it and don't need it or have a connection to get it."

Credit: WBIR

"I think the very sobering thing for me was what people were posting that they needed are what we consider everyday essentials that we have," Jordan said.

Requests for refrigerators, blankets and heaters, a car, a job all fill the posts circulating in Facebook groups.

"It's kind of things you don't realize and it kind of rocks your world and steps you back a little bit," Jordan said.

Others are pleading that they need a hug, a break, their sanity, prayers or even, "love, just some peace and love." 

The posts are digital versions of neighbors helping neighbors, something Jordan doesn't want to see die out. So, she created her own neighborhood page to reflect the giving heart of the community.

It's called Roane County TN Community Page.

Roane County TN Community Page has 105 members. This is a Community Outreach Page to Post Your Needs (never too small), What You Have Available to Give (Always Free of Charge) or Service/Skill You...

"Let's keep it going," Jordan said. "Let's not stop at this post. Let's keep things moving."

It all started with a comment.

Those kinds of "giving posts" are circulating through different neighborhood groups. However, officials said that it's always important to vet the person you may be giving to or receiving from to keep all parties safe.