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Family, community pay tribute to 15-year-old Janaria Muhammad

Following her death Tuesday, family, friends and the community showed up to a memorial Sunday, to honor the girl's life.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn — On Sunday night, more than 150 people, family, friends and the community showed up to remember Janaria Muhammad.

"Today is about the life Janaria “NaNa” Muhammad, we're celebrating her life her love her compassion and her spirit," said her mom, Jacqueline Muhammad.

"I want them to know they took a beautiful soul away. My little sister was full of life and had a life of promise," said her sister, Sierra Smith.

They memorialized the example she left behind, not just for her peers but her loved ones as well.

"And she was setting positive, positive roles for her sibling her nieces and nephews her cousins her loved ones and that's what NaNa was all about," said Muhammad.

They are pleading with a grieving community, for change and that change to happen now.

"The violence has to stop; it has to stop," Smith said.

"Knoxville come on this is gone too, too far please don't let this be your child don't let this happen to your child don't go through this no parent no mother no family member ever wants to experience this pain," said Janaria’s mother.

Knowing the only way we get through this, is if we are all in it together.

"It is very important that we come together as families as a community to keep these children's names alive," said Muhammad.

Janaria Muhammad was 15 years old.