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Yassin's Falafel House to keep dining area closed over the weekend

Knox County and Knoxville leaders announced plans to allow businesses to reopen starting Friday, May 1.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — After spending around a month inside, businesses are set to reopen on Friday, May 1. However, as people start eating in restaurants and going outside again, the doors on Yassin's Falafel House will stay closed.

In a video on Facebook, Yassin Terou, the restaurant's owner, said that it will keep its dining area closed on May 1 and May 2. 

During that time, the team will evaluate whether it is safe to reopen the dining area and whether they will be able to control crowds as they go to eat at the iconic Knoxville restaurant.

The restaurant said that the decision to stay closed is meant to help keep team members, as well as the community as a whole, safe and to slow the spread of coronavirus.

"We are very excited to see our customers, and to see each of your faces," Terou said. "We need you, we need your business. But, one thing that's very concerning for me is opening on Friday, on a weekend. I don't think it's going to be a great idea for our restaurant."

People can continue ordering meals online, even if it means they will need to eat them at home.

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Knox county and Knoxville city allowed restaurants to open on May 1 with especial requirements we are very excited to open back and see everyone, but first we are going to take extra steps before opening, As Yassin’s Falafel House team we have some concerns because the opening day will be on a Friday and it comes as a weekend and a lot of people including myself and my family will be excited to go out after all this locked down at home, so for the safe of our team and our community we are going to wait at least a couple days more after the opening that they allowed for the city, that way we’ll pass the weekend and we can maybe have more data about what’s happening around us, we can’t wait to see all our customers and community members, but we prefers safety first, we really appreciate all your orders online and to go, and please keep them coming, you can do it on our website www.Yassinsfalafelhouse.com we can’t wait to celebrate all together we this all it’s over #weallneedloveplusfalafel #staystrong

Posted by Yassin's Falafel House on Monday, April 27, 2020