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Netflix documentary, 'After the Raid,' highlights the emotional fallout of April 2018 ICE raid

In April 2018, ICE agents detained 97 people in Grainger County, traumatizing families. A new Netflix documentary explores the emotional effects of the raid.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The largest immigration raids in Tennessee history occurred in April 2018, when ICE agents detained 97 people and left them unable to legally work and support their families. 

Now, Netflix made a short documentary about it. The film, "After the Raid," explores the emotional fallout that people in Grainger County face after ICE agents raided the Southeastern Provision plant, detaining several of the employees there.

The documentary highlights the work of faith-based organizations to keep the community together. It also explores the lives of the families who were left behind after employees at the plant were detained.

"You know I voted for Donald Trump because I wanted to keep out the evil people from the border, but I didn't think it would affect my neighbors," Steve Pawelk said in the film, who works with St. John Paul II Catholic Mission in the community. "I taught these kids."

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Since the raid, the owner has pleaded guilty to several charges, including a count of employing unauthorized aliens. Yet, the meatpacking plant continues to run.

Anyone interested in the film will need a Netflix subscription to view it. It is available now.

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