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Perfect 10: Dr. Keith Gray and Doug Kennedy

Both have worked to cultivate positive relationships with some of Knoxville's most vulnerable, underserved children.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Emerald Youth Foundation has been a gem of the community for more than 25 years. The faith-based nonprofit creates programs and facilities to support younger people in Knoxville.

The foundation recently opened the Haslam-Sansom Ministry Complex in Lonsdale, for example. The complex has been a game-changer in the community, attracting kids to sports and keep them engaged with positive influences.

Through it, Emerald Youth Leaders said they hope to transform children's lives and help guide them to a better future. One of those leaders, Doug Kennedy, will soon step down as the foundation's chairperson. He will still have a place with the foundation's board of trustees and the executive committee.

Dr. Keith Gray from UT Medical Center will take his place. At UT Medical Center, he has already given a lot of time and effort to Knoxville, working to make the community a better place. And now, Gray will be able to help the community even more.

For being upstanding members of the Knoxville community, and for taking care of kids who need it most, Dr. Keith Gray and Doug Kennedy both earn today's Perfect 10!

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