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Realtors say Knoxville real estate market has gotten more competitive

Experts said that the prices of homes are going up as buyers fight for fewer and fewer available homes.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Many house hunters in Knoxville aren't having any luck as the city's housing market grows fiercer.

Experts said that competition has increased in Knoxville, and that the demand for homes in the cities has outpaced the number of homes actually up for sale. As a result, home prices are rising as buyers fight to snag the keys to the front doors of their dream house.

One realtor said that it's like a game of musical chairs — each time a house is bought, the stakes rise.

"It is absolutely a seller's market," said Suzy Trotta, a realtor. "It's not a whole lot of fun to be a buyer right now, but we're really hoping that the spring will loosen up some inventory for our buyers."

Houses are going fast in Knoxville, and if more homes aren't added to the market in the spring, Trotta said buyers could be fighting over an even smaller number of homes by May, driving prices even higher.