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The water gun war begins! | Rural Metro Fire crews face neighborhood children in large water gun fight

Officials with Rural Metro Fire called the battle a draw, as children flanked firefighters with water guns loaded on Saturday.

Saturday was hot, and it's a summer tradition for neighborhood kids to break out the water guns and get into epic water gun fights whenever it gets too warm. However, firefighters wanted a chance to cool down too.

So, Rural Metro Fire crews organized the great 2021 Shannon Valley Farms Water War. While kids grabbed their water guns and filled water balloons, the firefighter crews broke out the big guns.

They sprayed kids from high up on a firetruck, warding off an offensive attack from the neighborhood children. Crews then tried to cut off the neighborhood kids' supply of water balloons but were flanked in a surprise attack.

At the end of the battle, everyone was soaked and the war was declared a draw. Puddles of water collected around the neighborhood, and everyone returned home a little cooler on a hot summer day.

Officials also had the chance to speak with homeowners about becoming a subscriber to Rural Metro Fire. They said that subscribers help make events like grand water gun wars possible.

Today was the Shannon Valley Farms Water War 2021, featuring kids, and adults, from the subdivision against the...

Posted by Rural Metro Fire - Knox County on Saturday, July 24, 2021