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Wings sculpture gives visitors chance for incredible selfies in downtown Knoxville

The wings are in Krutch Park and were placed there as part of Dogwood Art's "Art in Public Places" initiative.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Between Market Square, the Sunsphere and Strong Alley — it's hard to take a bad photo in Knoxville. Now, people have a chance to put even more incredible photos on their social media pages.

A new sculpture in Krutch Park invites people to take pictures while standing in front of it. The sculpture is called "Inspire" and features a pair of wings that make it look like a person is about to take flight if they stand in front of it.

It was created by Jim Weitzel, from North Carolina, and he said he was inspired by the clouds to make it. Dogwoods Arts placed it in Krutch Park as part of their "Art in Public Places" initiative.

"I'm really happy to hear that people are having their selfies, and it's all selfies taken with the piece and that it's all over social media. That's one of my goals, for sure," said Weitzel.

Dogwood Arts rotated its sculpture exhibition in June. The initiative also places art in some Oak Ridge and Alcoa locations.

We love seeing your 📸 with the new Art in Public Places Sculpture Exhibition! This piece is titled 'Inspire' by North-Carolina based artist Jim Weitzel-see more of his work at https://weitzelart.net/

Posted by Dogwood Arts on Monday, July 26, 2021