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Long Live Dolph | How Young Dolph gave back to Memphis

Tennessee and Georgia are honoring Adolph 'Young Dolph' Thorton and his community contributions one year after his murder on the inaugural service day.

ABC24 Staff (ABC)

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Published: 1:34 PM EST November 17, 2022
Updated: 7:40 PM EST November 17, 2022

Many knew him as Young Dolph. To his family and friends, he was Adolph Thornton Jr.

When the Memphis rapper was shot and killed on November 17, 2021, it shook an entire community.

Dolph was a rapper and philanthropist from South Memphis, a region with rich history and teetering times that impact who we are and what we experience growing up in Memphis.

His relentless devotion to his home city and neighborhood impacted thousands through his efforts as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and icon to many. 

We at ABC24 Memphis are celebrating Young Dolph on the anniversary of his death, and highlighting the many ways he impacted the Memphis community during his first annual Service Day.

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