KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Crews are making progress on the three-mile river-walk in South Knoxville. The city is expected to complete one third of the river-walk by the end of 2019. 

The goal is to create outdoor experiences and growth along both sides of the Tennessee River. 

The three-mile river-walk stretches from River Edge's Apartments to CityView Condominiums.  

You can already see a lot of changes on Blount Avenue, and three more public spaces are coming to the area as well. 

South Knoxville Riverwalk Construction on Blount Avenue

One large new attraction will be the public event space on the western edge of the waterfront. It will be located right next to the Henley Bridge. The new 37,000 square-foot area will give a good view of the riverfront.        

“In most riverfront cities you have a neighboring state on the other side, across the bridge,” said Dawn Michelle Foster. “So Knoxville has a great opportunity or a great advantage to have usage on both sides that belong to the city.”

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Also, crews are building a new 27,000 square-foot public plaza that you can access from Blount Avenue. That plaza will include an elevator and stairway to connect tourists and residents from Blount Avenue down to the riverwalk.    

According to city leaders, more people are visiting the Riverwalk, and many people are making it their home. 

“People are walking and biking and out every night in an area where they couldn't three years ago. And now you can see so much vibrancy,” Foster said. 

Several apartments are in the area, including One Riverwalk Apartments, River's Edge Apartments and 303 Flats which is student housing development that opened last fall. 

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