Two University of Tennessee football players have been booked in and released after being cited in a marijuana case.

Running back John Kelly was booked in Thursday morning for simple possession. Linebacker William Ignont was booked in earlier this week, on Tuesday, on a drug paraphernalia possession charge. Both have been released.

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, Ignont and Kelly were cited after police stopped their vehicle.

The two were initially pulled over around for having a headlight out at the corner of Cumberland Avenue and 11th Street.

"Members of our football team have a responsibility to represent the University of Tennessee in a first-class manner. I met with John and Will and they understand their actions were unacceptable," Coach Butch Jones said in a statement Wednesday evening following the report of the citation."

When police approached their vehicle, officers said they smelled marijuana coming from inside. Officers asked Kelly to get out and consent to search the vehicle.

KPD said Kelly and Ignont consented, and when they searched they found a clear plastic baggie containing 4.6 grams of marijuana in the center console along with a glass pipe next to it.

Police said neither Kelly nor Ignont claimed ownership of the items. Since the items were found in the console and not on their persons, officers cited each of them.

Kelly was charged with possession of a Schedule VI substance and a city citation for no headlight and no proof of insurance. Ignont was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.