A Kentucky church and community is in mourning after a 70-year-old member was killed on church property.

According to WLEX, the pastor of Denham Street Baptist Church in Somerset found Ruthie Carolyn New dead in the church activity center, which is next to the church. She was the custodian, and spent a lot of time in the church.

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Parishioners thought it was strange when New didn't show up for Wednesday night services. When no one had heard from her by Thursday afternoon, police were called.

"Moments after he was taking the report and trying to return to the police department, we received a call from the pastor saying that he found a deceased lady," said Somerset Police Captain Mike Correll.

Police aren't saying yet how New died, but the coroner told WLEX he doesn't believe her death was from natural causes.

somerset killing_1503684594503.JPG
70-year-old woman found dead in Somerset, Ky. church

While Somerset locals try to make sense over why this happened to a mother, grandmother and former pastor's wife, coroner Clyde Strunk says the community has lost a valuable member.

"Everybody's in shock. We're praying for the family and friends. She was well loved and beloved by all. 70-year-old lady that was just nice and sweet and loving," said Strunk.

An autopsy was scheduled for Friday morning.