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New Alcoa Police Department neighborhood partnership aims to solve crime faster

APD is creating a video portal for the public to submit videos that may help investigations.

ALCOA, Tenn. — The Alcoa Police Department has launched a new evidence collection program to help detectives quickly find answers during the investigation process. 

The program is called Axon Community Request and it's done through an evidence collection software. 

Captain Rodney Wilson with the APD describes this program as a partnership between neighbors and officials. 

Neighbors will have the opportunity to share any type of video footage to help investigators with evidence, from cellphone and doorbell, to home and business footage. 

"The importance of it is to help us to create a better community and a safer community," Wilson said. 

The APD will create a public portal for people to submit material.

This portal will be shared in different platforms, like their Facebook page, city website and news outlets.

In the portal, the public can add any pictures or video that might help. It also gives the public the option to do it without leaving their name.

"This is another tool that helps them to do their job," Wilson said. "It gives people the sense where they can send in the videos without having to be involved if you will, or you know, to help assist in prosecuting the crimes."

Right now, the APD already uses body and in-car cameras for their investigations. New material from phones and businesses will act as an extra layer of proof.

APD says this is crucial to making charges stick..

"For the prosecution of a case, when you have footage, it makes it a lot more efficient," Wilson said.

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