KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — A bloody sword suspected of being used in the violent killing of a North Knoxville man is among the evidence police recovered after finding the victim's body, court records show.

William Alan Benning, 29, is being held in the homicide. He's set to appear Nov. 26, in Knox County General Sessions Court.

He's accused of murdering Collin Davis, 29, at Davis's home at 4610 High School Road. Benning, of Glenoaks Drive in Knoxville, left Davis's body in the basement and nailed it shut after the killing, records state.

Davis's housemate John Williams told police Benning and Davis fought on Nov. 6. He could see that Davis was bleeding.

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Benning swung a sword and threatened Davis, who was 6 feet, 5 inches tall, according to records. Williams told police he left the house.

A short time later, a 24-year-old Louisville, Tenn., woman named Kayla Hood saw Benning cleaning up "a large amount of blood in the dining room (middle room)," a warrant states. 

Williams later saw that the basement door was nailed shut and asked Benning. He said he'd nailed it shut because he kept tools in there.

The following day, Benning threatened to drive Williams "to a location away from the residence," the warrant states.

Williams hadn't seen Davis since the fight and became suspicious. He pulled the nails from the basement door, according to the warrant, and found that Davis had been the victim of a violent crime.

He had wounds "consistent with a sword."

Authorities found a sword with blood on the blade and and handle inside the house.