<Detectives with the Alcoa Police Department are teaming up with UT's anthropology department to help solve a 10-year cold case.In March of 2003, human remains were found behind Alice's Bar at the intersection of North Wright Road and Cusick Road. Surveyors found a human skull while looking at land for a proposed Alcoa Highway bypass.The remains belong to an African American female between the ages of 17-25. The UT anthropology department used that skull to create a facial reconstruction of what the girl may have looked like when she died. Detectives hope this new tool will help them identify the young girl."Somewhere out there, there's a mother, there's a daughter, a sister, someone that's missing this lady, missing this loved one. She was part of a family, and we're hoping that someone sees her and possibly recognizes her and can give us the information that we need to have her possibly ID'd," said Det. Kris Sanders with the Alcoa Police Department.Police recovered a waist band, blue hoodie, a hair mass, and a t-shirt with the words "I don't need a great deal of love, just a steady supply."If you have any information, call the Alcoa Police Department at (865) 981-4111.<