UPDATE (Sept. 19, 2019):  Florida deputies said they have found the Knoxville man and woman at the center of a reported carjacking in Florida.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Marsha Ann Higgins and Bradley Chilton were both located safely in Volusia County.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing after originally reporting they believed her boyfriend had taken Higgins against her will.

Original Story: 

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating after a carjacking and potential kidnapping situation involving a man from Knoxville.

Police are trying to confirm the safety of Marsha Ann Higgins. The JSO said they were told by a complainant that Higgins is being held against her will by Bradley Chilton, 45, who they said was her boyfriend, and the two were seen traveling in a silver four-door Toyota Scion.

Police said they developed new information the couple was traveling near Daytona Beach in the Volusia County area on Wednesday night. 

The vehicle plate initially came up as TN 8P0-8U0, but they said it has a different tag is now: TN 1R9-9S1.

Court records show Chilton was recently sentenced in June in Knox County Court after pleading guilty to a domestic assault incident that happened in November 2017. Records show the judge sentenced him to a year of supervised probation and anger management.

Bradley Chilton
Bradley Chilton, 45