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"Is this real life?" Food fight breaks out at Nashville grocery store

The fight was between a cashier and a 15-year-old girl. Juice, bread, ketchup and more started flying!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — An all-out food fight at a Nashville grocery store caught on camera is making it’s rounds on social media.

“Is this real life?” Amanda Cook remembered thinking those words to herself after a jug of juice flew past her in line at the grocery store. “Once the juice started flying I was like, oh this is good.” She caught the juice, among other flying grocery items, all on video with her iPhone. “Maybe ketchup?” Bread, I know bread.”

She said a fight broke out at the Inglewood Kroger Monday night, after a 15-year-old girl appeared to believe a cashier was talking about her. She came back into the store with another woman.

“It escalated really quickly,” Cook said.  She watched in disbelief as the contents of a bystander's grocery bag, were chucked across the checkout counter. “[It] created literally like a grocery fight.”

Cook was waiting in line with her three-year-old when a fight broke out between the cashier and two customers “The customer threw the juice first, and then the cashier reached down and got the groceries that the man had already bought and was throwing them back a the customer.”

We reached out to Kroger for comment. “This was an unfortunate incident.   We are working closely with the Metro Police Department and providing them with any information they need.  

We are unable to comment further on employee matters,” Kroger spokesperson Melissa Eads said.

“It was kind funny because no got hurt or anything, but my child is, like, traumatized,” Cook said. “Thank God they didn't have a gun or knife or something.”



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