A manhunt has ended for a suspect officers considered to be armed and dangerous after a violent assault in Greene County last weekend.

Officers in North Carolina arrested Humberto "Paulino" Gomez on Monday.

Gomez became a wanted man after officers responded to an assault at a farm on Splatter Creek Road in the Limestone community late Saturday night.

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Authorities said Gomez is accused of assaulting his wife.

Police found her unconscious with a severe blow to the head. As of Monday evening, she was reportedly on life support according to NBC affiliate WCYB News in Bristol.

Officers said Gomez shot at another man, but he was not hurt

The Greene County Sheriff's Office originally reported one had apparently died, but the sheriff told NBC affiliate WCYB in Bristol that the wife was put on life support.

Officials said Gomez and his wife have three children aged three to 14. The children are now in protective services.

Neighbors said the quiet Greene County community had suddenly turned into a crime scene over the weekend.

"Having lived in large cities before it was more of a common thing, but living in a smaller one was not heard of. But everything comes home as the saying goes," a neighbor who didn't want to be identified said.

He said they didn't know anything was going on until a friend saw emergency vehicles.

"It's very alarming, especially when you have relatives that live here. To have relatives live here, he could be somewhere around," he said.

Sheriff Pat Hankins said Gomez was here legally for several years, but believed he might have been heading to Mexico.

"We don't know if he has a gun still with him. There was one gun found at the scene, so we believe him to be armed and dangerous," Hankins said at the time.