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Harriman woman says she was raped at a religious outreach center

According to the police report, the victim told authorities she was raped by the man who runs Redeemed Outreach Center on Garrett Street.

HARRIMAN, Tenn. — A woman claims she was the victim of a sexual assault at a business in Harriman promoting spiritual growth. We found that business on Facebook called, Redeemed Outreach Center. It hosts what managers call an eight-month "discipleship" program. WBIR investigated its mission and the serious charge by a woman who said she was attacked there.

According to the police report, on January 18, 2022, Harriman Detective Sgt. Kent Warren was dispatched to Roane Medical Center Drive for a reported sexual assault called in by emergency room staff. The victim told police she had been raped and sodomized by the man who runs the Redeemed Outreach Program. She told the medical staff the man had raped several women at Outreach Center located at 130 Garrett Street.

"They do recovery services for addicts and alcoholics and stuff like it. It has a religious base to it and they recruit people from around the area who are trying to recover. A lot of our homeless go there," Detective Sgt. Warren said.

The religious organization is owned and operated by registered sex offenders. Police said the Redeemed Outreach Center is connected to a Church in Phoenix, Arizona and have not named any suspects in this investigation.

According to the property record, the home on Garrett Street is owned by a registered sex offender who has not lived at the home since he was put in jail for exploitation of a minor by electronic means in 2008. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, there are two other registered sex offenders currently residing at that home.

"We currently have two registered sex offenders that live at that address, yes,” Detective Sgt. Warren said, “one of them is actually the manager of that program.”

Warren said Roane Medical Center conducted a rape kit on the victim back in January when she came forward. Police have not said whether they’ve obtained the results from the analysis and will not comment further as the investigation is still ongoing.

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