(KNOXVILLE) The funeral service for homicide victim Jajuan Latham took place Thursday night at Overcoming Believers Church.

Burial is set for 10 a.m. Friday at New Gray Cemetery, 2724 Western Ave.

As they prepare to say goodbye to Jajuan, the Latham family is leaning on their faith, and holding each other. They are trying to cope with the senseless death of 12-year-old Jajuan Latham.

"I'm like any parent would feel right now. I'm hurt. All I can do is let God deal with it," said Jajuan's father Hubert Latham.

Jajuan's last night was one filled with fun.

"You know we had a good time. He got to meet Allen Iverson and Bobby Maze and a couple other guys that played at UT," Hubert Latham said.

Latham took his son to the Bobby Maze celebrity basketball game on Saturday night. The game honored Jajuan's cousin, Zaevion Dobson, who he saw as an idol. The two shared a love of sports.

"He was a good person. He loved to smile. He loved sports," Hubert Latham said.

On Thursday, Bearden Middle School is wearing athletic gear, jerseys, hats and sports memorabilia in honor of Latham.

Latham and his son went to the Mechanicsville neighborhood to pick up a friend before heading to the movies, but that's where a three-minute pit stop changed his life.

"All I heard was gunshots. I looked in the back to see if my son was okay and he, he wasn't moving. So I picked him up and all I saw was blood. So, I rushed him to the hospital," Hubert Latham said.

Doctors told Latham a high-risk surgery was needed to save his son.

"I just asked them to save my son. He just had a death in the family from the same thing. You know... can you please just save him for me," Hubert Latham said.

Jajuan passed away in surgery, leaving his family heartbroken and looking for answers.

"I'm just wishing for justice. That's what I want for my son," said Latham.

The Latham's wants the community to help by working to ensure an act of senseless violence doesn't tear another family apart.

"Stop the violence. I lost someone, and they aren't coming back," Hubert Latham said.

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Resources: Stop the Violence

If you'd like to help cover the cost for funeral service expenses the Latham family has created a GoFundMe account.