Convicted Campbell County school shooter Kenneth Bartley has served his time on probation violations and has been released from jail.

In April, Bartley admitted that he failed to update his address, failed to remain at that address, failed to notify his probation officer and violated his Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) bracelet.

Bartley was on probation for a misdemeanor assault charge. The violations occurred when he moved to Virginia to live with his former counselor.

Aaron Evans, Campbell County's chief deputy, told 10News that Barley had served the rest of his probation behind bars and had fulfilled his obligation to Campbell County.

Troubled past

Bartley's troubled past includes a shooting at Campbell County High School when he was a teenager. Assistant principal Ken Bruce was killed, and two other administrators were injured in the shooting. Bartley initially pleaded guilty to first degree murder as an adult and went to prison.

That conviction was overturned, and at a 2014 trial, he was convicted of a reduced crime of reckless homicide, and was set free with credit for time served in February 2014.

In just a few months Bartley had new legal troubles.

He assaulted his father and his mother on separate occasions, pleaded guilty to domestic assault, and was sentenced to probation.

Soon after and with a judge's permission, he moved to Virginia with Erin TePaske, who argued that Bartley needed a fresh start and her continued psychological treatment.

While he was living with TePaske, her 3-year-old son, Becket Josef Podominick, died of a head injury while in Bartley's care. TePaske said the boy died when he fell down some concrete steps.

The boy's father believes that Bartley is responsible for the boy's death, and has petitioned the governors of both Tennessee and Virginia to intervene. Bartley has not been charged in relation to the child's death.