George Blevins woke early Saturday morning to the sound of sirens a little more than a mile down the road from his home.

"It was the fire department," Blevins said.

A fire had started in an abandoned home off of Calderwood Highway in Blount County. Ronnie Lucas Wilson and Kristin Denise King were found in the abandoned house around 3 a.m. Saturday. Wilson was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder of a police officer, after shooting Knoxville Police Officer Jay Williams in the shoulder.

Blevins said these kinds of things don't happen in this normally quiet part of Blount County. When he heard the sirens, his first thought was a car accident.

"They've been working on this house for a few days, some people have. I thought they had already moved into it," Blevins said.

In a press conference on Saturday, KPD Chief Rausch said officer Williams is in good spirits and is happy to hear no one else was harmed by the suspect. As for Blevins, he said you can't live in fear, even when something like this happens a mile down the street.

"We try to be safe up here with what we've got," Blevins said. "But these things happen, no mater where you're at."