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Records: Man arrested after pointing AK-47 at pizza store employees, demanding food

Charles Douglas Doty Jr. was charged with one count of especially aggravated kidnapping and four counts of aggravated assault, according to records.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A man has been charged after bringing an AK-47 into a Little Caesars pizza store and pointing it at employees, according to records.

Charles Douglas Doty Jr., 63, entered a Little Caesars pizza store on 442 Cedar Bluff Road on Nov. 5 around 9:02 p.m. and asked for a pepperoni pizza.

Employees told Doty that the pizza would take 10 minutes to make, according to records. He became upset and demanded a free breadstick order. He then went outside the Little Caesars to wait. 

Records showed that when Doty returned, he had an AK-47 and began pointing the rifle at employees, demanding his pizza immediately. 

An individual in the store at the time was holding a pepperoni pizza they had ordered and gave it to Doty. 

An employee was trying to leave the store after working his shift but was confronted by Doty, according to records. 

Doty asked the employee where he was going and began advancing toward the employee, preventing him from leaving, records showed. The employee noticed the weapon, fled from the lobby to the back of the store and called 911.

Doty left the store before officers arrived, according to records.

Doty was charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and four counts of aggravated assault. He is currently in jail, and the investigation is ongoing. 

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