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Man charged with shooting woman & toddler has history of violence against women in Knoxville

Victor Parson was wanted for a murder in Georgia when Knoxville Police said he shot a woman and child and ran over another child on a scooter.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The man who police say shot a woman and a 2-year-old child in Knoxville while he was on the run from a murder charge in Georgia has a history of violence against women in Knoxville.

Victor Parson was captured Monday morning after fleeing from authorities late Sunday. While trying to get away, Parson is also accused of running over a child on a scooter.

In November of 2016, records show Parson was charged with domestic assault by the mother of one of his children. She said he showed up where she was staying and started yelling at her and tried to take the baby from her arms. She said he pushed her and spit in her face before grabbing her purse and taking off. Those charges were dismissed, according to court records.

In July 2016, according to court records, Parson was changed with aggravated assault on a 16-year-old girl. The victim said she and Parson were having sex in a car when they started arguing and he choked her until she couldn't breathe, leaving a visible hand print around her throat. That charge was later dismissed.

Two years earlier, in June 2014, records show that Parson was charged with aggravated assault for an attack on the mother of one of his children. She said they were arguing and Parson came up to her on the porch and strangled her from behind. She said she got away and used a knife to puncture two tires on his car. When he caught up with her, documents say, he struck her in the face multiple times  with a closed fist, knocked her to the ground and kicked her in the face and ribs. He later chased her down the street threatening to kill her with a brick, according to the documents. The victim had an order of protection against Parson at the time, but that case was also dismissed.

In May 2014, records show Parson did plead guilty to domestic assault after he got into an argument over custody with the mother of one of his children in a parking lot. He grabbed her hair, pulled her to the ground and hit her in the face.

He also pleaded guilty to domestic assault in August 2013 for assaulting the mother of one of his children. According to records, she said he was angry that he had to get up and take care of the baby while the mother went to work. She said he hit and scratched her, then as she was trying to stop him from leaving in her mother's vehicle, she fell out of the car and he drove away while her legs were still in the car. He also pleaded guilty to theft for taking the car but a charge of reckless endangerment was dismissed, according to records.

Parson has also faced charges of theft, simple possession, and evading arrest in Knoxville.

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