A jury convicted Joshua Cool on two counts of first-degree murder and one count of criminally negligent homicide. A judge then sentenced him to life in prison for each first-degree murder count.

Cool, 30, stood trial this week accused in the killing of three homeless people in April 2013.

Originally, two other people faced charges in the murders: Hope Carol Warvi and Brandon Roberts. Both Warvi and Roberts took plea deals before Cool’s trial.

Officers found the victims' bodies at a North Knoxville homeless camp on Richard Street in April 2013. Investigators determined that Cool and his two codefendants strangled and beat the three victims to death in the camp. They were not able to determine a motive for the murders.

Knoxville police identified the victims as Colin Colbert, 29, Ryan Gorney, 29, and Grace Standridge, 32.

One body was found in a tent, another under debris and a third in a crawl space.

Cool must spend at least 51 years in prison before he is eligible for parole. He is scheduled for sentencing hearing on April 22 to determine if the life sentences will run consecutively or concurrently.

Warvi got two consecutive 15 year sentences on second-degree murder for the death of Colbert and Gorney, with 15 concurrent for the facilitation of Standridge's murder for a total of 30 years, according to Sean McDermott.

Roberts pleaded to two concurrent life sentences for first-degree murder of Colbert and Standridge, plus another 25 years on second-degree murder for Gorney, acordding to McDermott.