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Nashville man speaks after he was shot at four times on I-24

A man said his car was shot at four times while he was driving on I-24 near Nashville.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A driver said someone fired four shots at him on I-24 Tuesday night, and he said he has the bullet holes in his car to prove it. He also said he hopes whoever was behind the trigger is taken off the streets.

The alleged victim, identifying himself only as Brett, said three of the bullets went inside his vehicle. He said they were fired by someone in a silver Dodge Charger.

"I just heard, 'Pop, pop, pop,' and I felt something brush against my ear and it kind of just registered that I just got shot at," Brett said. "I realized that I was about 12 inches from being shot in the head."

Brett's dashcam Tuesday night captured parts of the incident. It shows the silver Dodge Charger merging erratically onto I-24 using the shoulder.

Shortly after, Brett says he passed the Dodge Charger on the right, which he believes is what must've angered the driver. The dashcam video shows the Charger swerving through traffic to catch up to Brett, before apparently firing the four shots.

"I don't think it's still quite hit me that I almost died last night," Brett said. "He definitely needs to be found and brought to justice. One of these days he's not just going to hit a car, he's actually going to hit someone."

Brett says after realizing he was shot at, he tried to speed away from the alleged gunman, who got off at Exit 57A according to the dashcam video.

Brett says he's since filed a police report. He believes the Dodge Charger was a newer model with temporary tags. Anyone with any information about the incident should call the Nashville Metro Police Department at 615-862-8600.

This story was originally reported by WSMV in Nashville.