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Nashville police preparing to keep eye on shoppers from the ground and the air

Police in Nashville said they planned to patrol on the ground and in the air, watching for car break-ins and shoplifters.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Nashville Metro police are planning to patrol on the ground and in the sky on Black Friday as more shoppers are already out and about compared to this time last year.

Police are keeping a bird’s eye view on shoppers while watching for people trying to break into cars and shoplift.

“In years past we’ve had folks break into cars and we can actually see it from the helicopters. Sometimes we will get a recording of it,” said Metro Police Sgt. Kurt Knapp.

Knapp said the Aviation Unit will be up flying early Friday morning working with the officers on the ground to deter people from stealing someone’s Black Friday finds.

“We fly low enough to where you can definitely tell it’s Metro Police out there and we are definitely watching the shopping centers,” he said.

Knapp said if they see something suspicious, they will let patrol officers in the area know.

“Being in a helicopter, we fly about 500 feet above the ground, and we can see a lot,” Knapp said. “We can see entire parking lots and if we see something suspicious, we will call it into the ground units that are assigned to that shopping center and investigate it further.

Police said everyone planning to face the crowded stores should stay vigilant and lock valuables and new purchases in the trunk of their cars and park in a well-lit area.

“We suspect this year is going to be a little different now that folks are vaccinated, getting out of the house more and restrictions are being released on all these businesses," said Knapp.

This story was originally reported by WSMV in Nashville.

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