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Neighbors alarmed after "rape kids" message painted on Monroe Co. roof

Neighbors in Monroe County say it's the latest in a series of odd behavior from Darrell Chadima, who now faces charges of filing a false report

MADISONVILLE, Tenn. — UPDATE 7/30/21: Charges dropped against Monroe County man who wrote 'Rape Kids' on roof, he denies any wrongdoing.


Deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office charged a Madisonville man with filing a false report Sunday, days after his neighbors began complaining he painted a disturbing message on his roof, incident reports show. 

Neighbors say Darrell Chadima spray-painted "rape kids," accompanied by his home phone number, on the roof of his house just off Highway 68 and Old Athens Road last week. 

The California native is being held without bond at the Monroe County Justice Center on charges he filed a false report, days after deputies arrested him on a charge of "retaliation for past actions."

"I’ve worked a lot of weird cases over the years, but this one is something else," Captain Mack Williams with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said. 

"We can’t arrest him for the signs. That’s law. I mean he can put a sign up in his yard if he wants to, but ain't nothing nobody can do about it," he said.

Neighbors said they are alarmed by Chadima's behavior. 

"Every time we came home, it was a matter of: what’s it going to be now?" Alison Bierley, who lives nearby, said. 

In a police report her family filed Tuesday, a sheriff's deputy said he observed signs reading "rape your lil girl?" and "rape your child" in Chadima's yard. Both signs also included Chadima's phone number, the incident report said. 

According to the deputy, Chadima said he was not advocating for child rape and did not support child rape, but indicated he was upset that a neighbor had accused him of being a pedophile. 

"Mr. Chadima said that he felt like no one would help him, so he placed the signs up with his phone number listed on them, and if anything had a question about him they could call the number," the incident report said. "Mr. Chadima said that he wants to help children and has helped children."

A detective arrested Chadima Sunday afternoon after he reported someone within the sheriff's office broke into his house, woke him up and told him "if he didn't stop what he has been doing, they would feed him to the pigs on their farm," an incident report said. 

Williams said Chadima indicated the sheriff himself was the one who broke in, but Chadima refused to name anyone when speaking with detectives. 

"The sheriff was at home in bed asleep with his wife what it happened," Williams said, shaking his head incredulously. 

He said the issues began when a pair of young men beat up Chadima in his own home last year. Chadima pressed charges, but was not pleased with the juvenile court ruling.

"He wants more done to them than what the court done," Williams said. 

Other incident reports show an ongoing back-and-forth between Chadima and his neighbors. Chadima filed a report complaining his neighbors accused him of raping an underage girl.

"After brief conversation, he [Chadima] said that he did rape a girl in the past. He would not disclose who it was or when or where it happened," the incident report said. He also said that he raped his neighbor's son in the past and the deputy referred the matter to the Department of Children's Services, the incident report stated. 

In another incident, a student at a local high school reported Chadima "would not leave him alone." During the conversation with the reporting officer, Chadima called the young man several times, the report said.  

In texts reviewed by the officer, Chadima and the young man exchanged threats of violence against eachother. In one text, the report said, Chadima threated to kill the young man, but also indicated he wanted to have sex with him. 

"If we could arrest him for it, we would because we’ll arrest him for anything legal that we can arrest him for," Williams said. "It's just causing a bad feeling in the whole community."

Williams said the department examined sex offender databases across the country, but found no entry for Mr. Chadima.