Knox County, Kentucky authorities say a man who went missing in the woods for more than two weeks in March was actually kidnapped. 

Kentucky State Police arrested 21-year-old James Davis, of Artemus, Kentucky on Tuesday and charged him with kidnapping 23-year-old Douglas Middleton.

Officials say Davis kidnapped Middleton and held him in a building in the woods for more than two weeks. KSP said Middleton had to have both legs amputated at the University of Tennessee Medical Center because of injuries and severe frost bite.

Middleton was reported missing in mid-February after officials said he had walked into the woods behind him home on Feb. 15. 

KSP said Middleton has a known disability and had never left his home alone. 

He was found in a wooded area near Noeville Hollow Road on March 3 by a homeowner who was searching in the woods nearby. The spot where Middletown was found was on the other side of a mountain from where he disappeared.

After Middleton was found, detectives said he told them Davis had kidnapped him, forced him onto an ATV and held him in the building. Detectives said Davis claimed he was the lookout man during the kidnapping. 

KSP said Middleton described a second person who was involved, but didn't know their name. 

The second person hasn't been found.

Davis is being held in the Knox County (Kentucky) Detention Center. 

KSP said the kidnapping is still under investigation.