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Motorcycle club members speak after a shooting involving members of some groups Friday night

Police said two people who were shot and killed Friday night at a Fountain City bar were members of a motorcycle club.

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — The Knoxville Police Department identified two people who were killed in a shooting at Hatmaker's Bar & Grill in Fountain City on Friday night. Investigators said 46-year-old Kenneth Burgett and 30-year-old Patrick Petty were killed in the bar's parking lot.

Police said both men who died have ties to motorcycle gangs. Members of a motorcycle club that's made up of former law enforcement workers said not all motorcycle groups are the same.

The Blue Knights have organized several community-focused events since they were formed. Jack Lakin, the club's president, said the recent violence was "unacceptable" and said he wants the community to know that not everyone who rides is an "outlaw."

Police named one of the gangs involved in Friday's shooting as the "Outlaw Motorcycle Gang."

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"Their name says it all. Outlaw Motorcycle Gang," Lakin said.

The Knoxville Blue Knights Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle club made up of active and retired police officers. Lakin said it's a shame to see a motorcycle club promoting violence because he said that's not what most bikers do.

"There's a lot of good biker clubs, okay? Even with our Hog Chapter here and the Blue Nights, it's not easy but we do it because it's right. To raise money and give back, that's what we do," Lakin said.

This club and others in the area dedicate their time to making the community stronger, he said.

"We ride together and we go out and just have a really good safe time," Lakin said. 

Todd Ethington, a member of the Blue Knights, also said he wants people to feel safe when they're around.

"There's a lot of good people that ride motorcycles out there," Ethington said.

Tom Bruno has been the president of the Hog Chapter in Knoxville for decades. He said their mission is to do good in the community.

"When I started, we tried to do things for the community," Bruno said.

The group still does that. The Hog Chapter also partners with the Blue Knights to put on several community events.

"We just did an Easter Egg hunt. We were at a church over here at the end of Farragut," Bruno said.

Bruno said some members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang used to partake in community events too.

"They used to come so, I mean, there are good people in every organization. There are some that care and some that want to cause trouble," Bruno said.

"You have a fraction of a small amount of people who have, 'My grass is greener than your grass,' and they get into a conflict and it's bad," Lakin said.

Police said they have no suspects in custody right now after Friday's shooting and encouraged anyone with information to contact East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers at 865-215-7165 or click here to submit a tip.

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