As the sun rose of the Gatlinburg Easter morning, the sound of song could be hear from a Camp Smoky pole shed.

The hymnals of Roaring Fork Baptist were sung louder than ever this Easter. In their temporary home, the congregation has a lot to be thankful for.

 "God has been so good while we've been here," Margaret Howell, a church member said.

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Roaring Fork Baptist took shelter at the camp’s pole shed in November after the wildfires destroyed their church.

"God has made this beautiful setting for us and we are doing the best we can with what we've got,” Pastor Kim McCroskey said.

Crowded services aren't stopping the congregation from worshiping.

"We are so blessed. From the get-go, the Lord's hand was in this. We've had a place to meet within 24 hours," Gary Ownsby, church member said.

"It's been very difficult, but I'm so thankful. We could be in a tent somewhere," Howell said.

That positivity and unwavering keeps this group going.

"We've seen a great unity in our group and a great unity from the outside. There have been so many churches who've been here for us and so many people who have helped us," Howell added.

The members know their faith is not defined by the building they worship out of.

"The church is not the building, it's inside each believer," Ownsby said.

"This is home for now,” McCroskey said. “But when we go home to Church Street it is going to be a glorious day."

This summer over 1,900 volunteers with Builders for Christ will help Roaring Fork rebuild.