KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Frightening dash cam video show the moments a man attempted to rob a Knoxville taxi driver at gunpoint.

This week, officials were able to obtain multiple convictions against Jaquel Aaron Brown, 20, who pleaded guilty in the 2017 attempted robbery and received an eighteen-year prison sentence as a result. 

Officials said on October 29, 2017, Brown requested a taxi pick him up in west Knoxville and take him to an address on Cansler Avenue. 

Dash cam video shows Brown getting out of the taxi to pay for the ride, then pulling a handgun on the taxi driver while demanding cash. 

"Don't, don't! Okay okay okay, hold on. Hold on. What are you doing man?" the unidentified driver asked. 

When Brown demands cash, the taxi driver said he only has credit cards on him. 

"Do you see that bullet in there?" the video shows Brown asking in response. "Give me your money." 

"Don't, don't shoot me," the taxi driver repeated.

About twenty-three seconds into the encounter, the taxi driver starts to question Brown. 

"Don't shoot. You're gonna shoot me? Why are you gonna shoot me man?" the taxi driver asked. 

Taxi driver robbed at gunpoint
Knox County DA

Brown is then shown shutting the door and heading around the back side of the car. The taxi driver sped away, at which point officials said Brown also fired two shots at the cab. 

Jaquel Aaron Brown pled guilty to aggravated robbery
Knox County DA

Brown pleaded guilty to Attempted Aggravated Robbery, two counts of Robbery, Aggravated Burglary, and two counts of Aggravated Assault.  Brown also pleaded guilty to two home invasions, including one where he beat the homeowner with a brass candlestick holder. 

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