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Sevierville Police say road rage fight resulted in one person wounded in shooting

The Sevierville Police Department said a man started punching another man after pulling in front of him in traffic. The fight stopped after the first man was shot.

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. — The Sevierville Police Department said a man was shot on Saturday after a road rage fight near the Sevierville Visitor Center.

According to police reports, a man was driving with his wife on Winfield Dunn Parkway when a Dodge Ram pulled in front of them. In the report, the wife said that the driver of the pickup truck slammed on the brakes, forcing them to stop too.

The man then walked over to their car and started punching her husband in the face, she said. Then, her husband said he reached for a gun kept near the emergency brake and fired up to three times at the man. 

Her husband said he then told the first man to get back into his car and drive to the parking lot of the visitor center. He said he followed the man to the parking lot, where police met them. Before they arrived, the man said he unloaded the gun and left it in the car.

An officer said he smelled alcohol from the Dodge Ram driver. He also said that the driver had puncture wounds on his back.

The report said that an officer started giving him medical assistance in the parking lot while they waited for EMS to arrive. He was then taken to the hospital.

Police said they found the gun unloaded. Another gun was also found in the Dodge Ram.

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