Police in a Kentucky town have made one arrest in a snack cake caper and are still looking for others who may be involved.

On March 5, someone broke into a storage unit in Wiliamsburg that was rented by a local food vendor and took off with $400 in cash and 500 cases of snack cakes.

It wasn't long before police got a tip that a man named James Carroll was selling Little Debbies on Facebook.

Investigators got a search warrant for Carroll's house, and found 185 boxes of Honey Buns, Nutty Bars, bags of donuts, and more, all valued at over $300,

Police arrested Carroll, 49, and charged him with receiving stolen property. They believe others may have been involved in the theft, and ask anyone with information to contact Officer Mike Taylor or Detective Freeman at 606-549-6017 or 606-549-6087.