(WSMV) The state has rested its case in the trial of Zach Adams for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Holly Bobo in April 2011.

Prosecutors called a series of witnesses who spent time in jail with Zach Adams during the afternoon session.

The state rested its case around 2:50 p.m.

After a brief recess, the defense will begin calling witnesses.

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Before Zach Adams was ever arrested and charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of Holly Bobo, authorities were convinced another man was responsible for the crime – Terry Britt.

Britt took the witness stand on Monday morning in Day 7 of Zach Adams’ trial at the Hardin County Courthouse.

Britt, a convicted sex offender, is currently serving time in prison for the kidnapping and attempted rape of another woman in 2008.

Britt claimed he had never met the Bobos and had never seen Holly Bobo in his life. The defense is trying to show that he is responsible for Holly Bobo’s kidnapping, rape and murder.

Last week the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation admitted, initially, they were convinced Britt had kidnapped Holly Bobo. The agency wire-tapped his home, something that had never been done in Tennessee before.

When Holly Bobo disappeared in April 2011, Britt delivered newspapers during the early morning hours.

The defense showed he knew the area well, including the key areas like where her lunch box was found, where her cell phone cut off and where investigators ultimately found her body.

The defense said that two days before Holly Bobo disappeared, Britt bought a bunch of industrial lubricant for machinery. Afterward, he bought a chainsaw.

The defense said cadaver dogs hit on three of his tools and computer records show that he enjoyed looking at kidnapping and rape pornography.

During testimony, Britt made disturbing statements when investigators showed up to question him.

“Do you remember saying that Holly Bobo had a somewhat perfect body, like a toy, some would say?” a defense attorney asked.

“I didn’t say perfect body toy,” Britt testified. “I said she was, from the picture they had on the wall while I was in the store, I said she looked good. Probably somebody, whoever got her, got her for a sex slave.”

Before the trial began, WSMV spoke exclusively by phone to Britt’s wife. She was adamant that Britt was with her the entire day that Holly Bobo vanished and that he had nothing to do with the crime.

The defense team worked to poke holes in that story saying why would you call your wife if you were with her the whole day.

Zach Adams’ mother Cindy Adams also believes Britt is responsible for Holly Bobo’s murder.

During an exclusive interview in May, Cindy Adams talked about all of the things we’re hearing about in court on Monday.

Within the last hour, the state called Jamie Darnell, a friend of Zach Adams, to testify.

Darnell said that while high on drugs, Zach Adams said horrible things about Holly Bobo and admitted to the crimes.

The defense then questioned Darnell about his drug use, his criminal history and the fact that Zach Adams never used Holly Bobo’s name.

The court ended testimony a little early on Monday morning for lunch break after attorneys said they smelled something in the courtroom, perhaps the heat was turned on.