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TBI conducting ongoing investigation of KCSO's fleet services unit

The TBI said in a statement Thursday agents are "investigating allegations of misconduct involving several individuals" with ties to the unit.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Following a guilty plea by the unit's former leader, the TBI continues to investigate potential wrongdoing by personnel in the Knox County Sheriff's Office's fleet services operation.

The TBI said in a statement Thursday that agents are "investigating allegations of misconduct involving several individuals" with ties to the unit, which services department vehicles near the detention facility off Maloneyville Road.

"At this time, the investigation remains active and ongoing," the statement reads.


Kimberly Glenn, spokeswoman for Spangler, said the department is cooperating with the TBI. At this moment, no one else connected to fleet services has been put on leave, she said.

"The sheriff is eager to get this cleaned up and move on," she said.

Glenn said Kidd's hiring predated his time as sheriff. Kidd was hired on 2006.

The TBI was called in earlier this year at the request Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen. Sheriff Tom Spangler said he sought the review.

Last week, former fleet operations chief Ronnie L. Kidd, 65, pleaded guilty to official misconduct in connection with the theft by a sometimes inmate of a 2012 Bentley Continental luxury car.

Joshua Caleb Haynes, 34, a skilled mechanic who worked at times on fleet vehicles while in custody as an inmate, took the Bentley, which belonged to restaurateur Chris Captain, from Captain's home, according to the District Attorney General's Office.

The theft was arranged by Kidd in conjunction with Captain, according to prosecutors. Captain wanted to claim the vehicle as stolen for insurance purposes, according to prosecutors. He left the keys in the car so it could be stolen.

Haynes stole the car in April and kept it a couple weeks before being arrested by deputies in the Blaine area of Grainger County. He was charged at the time with theft.

Credit: KCSO
Joshua Caleb Haynes, who authorities said took part in a plot to steal a Knoxville restaurateur's Bentley in April.

Captain has not been charged. Attorney Gregory P. Isaacs told 10News his client had cooperated with authorities in the investigation.

The TBI's Special Agent Brandon Elkins investigated the ruse and turned over his findings to Allen's office.

The TBI referred further questions to the DA's Office, which doesn't comment about pending cases.

Kidd is seeking diversion from Knox County Criminal Court Judge Scott Green. He faces a two-year term.

Kidd has a Dec. 11 court date before Green. He hopes through diversion to ultimately clear his criminal record.

As part of his plea deal, Kidd submitted a letter of retirement, dated Sept. 18. He was hired by then Sheriff Tim Hutchison in 2006.

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