The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said domestic violence was on the decline in 2017 compared to previous years.

According to the TBI, a total of 77,846 offenses were reported as domestic related in 2017, which is down by 1.8 percent overall compared to 2016.

According to the TBI, females were three times more likely to be victimized than males, accounting for 71.5 percent of all domestic violence victims. Males accounted for the other 28.4 percent.

59 percent of all incidents were "Cleared" in 2017.

The TBI said 81 victims died to domestic violence. The vast majority of offenses, 96.4 percent, were reported as assault offenses with simple assault being the most frequent. Intimidation and aggravated assault were also more common compared to offenses such as murder, rape and abduction.

The investigation revealed spouses were abused at a rate of nearly six times that of ex-spouses.

Overall, the TBI said reporting data supported the face that women and children general have the highest potential for domestic abuse victimization.

"Local, state, and national agencies across several disciplines, including law enforcement and social and child services, avidly oppose domestic violence and advocate for its victims. These various institutions and coalitions battle domestic abuse by providing prevention training, intervention, shelter, and counseling for both victims and potential victims of domestic violence," the TBI said. "Hopefully, the current assessment of domestic violence in Tennessee exposes the need for continued and increased efforts in the battle against domestic abuse within our community."

You can read the full 2017 report at this link on the TBI's website.

Help for victims of domestic abuse:

24 HOUR HELP LINES (confidential)

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Family Justice Center Helpline: 865-521-6336

Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee: 865-558-9040, Crisis 865-522-7273

SHELTERS (Available 24 Hours):

• Family Crisis Center 865-637-8000
• Salvation Army (Joy Baker Center) 865-522-4673
• Serenity Shelter 865-971-4673
• Knoxville Police Dept., Family Crimes Unit 865-215-6810
• Knox Co. Sheriff's Office, Family Crisis Unit 865-215-6820
• Elder Abuse - Adult Protective Services 865-594-5685