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'That's so weird': Officers remarked on RV as they walked by it, moments before explosion

Metro Nashville Patrolmen Michael Sipos and Brenna Hosey passed the vehicle while evacuating people on Second Avenue North.

Two minutes before the RV blew up, East Tennessee native and Metro Nashville Patrolman Michael Sipos walked by the suicide bomber's vehicle as it blared warning messages on Nashville's popular Second Avenue North.

"Stay clear of the vehicle! Evacuate now!" the recording in a woman's voice said again and again.

"That's so weird," Sipos, a University of Tennessee and Hardin Valley Academy graduate, remarked in newly released video recorded on his bodycam to fellow officer Brenna Hosey as they passed the white camper.

"That's like something out of a movie."

"Like 'The Purge?'" Hosey replied.

"Yeah," Sipos said.

The officers, who had been evacuating Second Avenue North residents, continued up the street, passing a closed liquor store and a Hooter's.

Another officer joined them, informing them he'd learned that the AT&T building the RV was parked by "houses all the hard lines for all the phones in the Southeast."

The ensuing explosion indeed would disrupt phone lines and communications service across several states over the weekend.

The patrolmen parted, deciding to put on armor. A warning message - "Stay away from the vehicle!" -- continued to blare in the background.

Sipos, who's been on the force about 16 months, walked to his cruiser parked around the corner near Church Street and First Avenue. On the horizon, dawn's glow was just beginning to show. Nissan Stadium could be seen across the nearby Cumberland River.

Credit: Metro Nashville Police
Metro Nashville Patrolman Michael Sipos, a UT and HVA grad.

Just after Sipos opened the trunk of his car, a loud blast shook the block from back on Second Avenue, where he'd just been. Car alarms began sounding.

The time was about 6:30 a.m.

Credit: Metro Nashville
Anthony Warner's RV as seen looking south on Second Avenue North, moments before it blew up.

On Sipos' bodycam, the sounds of tinkling glass falling to the ground can be heard, debris scattered by the bomb across downtown Nashville.

Credit: Metro Nashville PD

Sipos' radio and that of his fellow officers erupted with urgent requests for fire department help and this: "We've had an explosion!"

"We need all available resources ASAP," an officer radioed.

"I'm good!" another could be heard saying. "I'm good!"

Officer James Wells also needed medical help because he'd suffered hearing loss in his left ear when the RV exploded nearby.

Metro Nashville Mayor John Cooper and others would later commend the handful of first-responding officers for their work clearing the area and evacuating residents.

As Sipos walked back up toward Second Avenue where his fellow officers were hurriedly inspecting the street, the video shows large wooden panels that had been affixed over windows by Sipos' car that had been knocked out of their frames by the blast.

"Whooo!" Sipos exclaimed to himself, and then carried on with his work.

Around the corner, flames flickered at the spot where the RV had just been parked. Authorities think bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, drove there a few hours before and then blew himself up inside by setting off the bomb.

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