There are currently 60 people on death row in Tennessee. 15 of those offenders are from East Tennessee.

This is coming from the Tennessee Department of Corrections. Of the convicted, five are from Knox County.

David Miller is the longest serving inmate on Tennessee's death row. He was found guilty in the killing of Lee Standifer, a disabled woman, in South Knoxville with a fire poker and knife in 1981. He has an execution date set for December 6.

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Terry King was convicted of killing Diana Kay Smith in 1983. Smith was kidnapped, shot in the back of the head and then dumped in a quarry in East Knox County.

Nicholas Sutton was sentenced to death in the 1985 stabbing death of a fellow inmate at the Morgan County Regional Correctional Facility. The victim, Carl Estep, was stabbed 38 times.

Jonathan Stephenson was convicted of hiring a hit man to kill his wife, Lisa, who was shot in the head with a high-powered rifle in Cocke County in 1989.

Stephen West was convicted of the fatal stabbing of Wanda Romines and her 15-year-old daughter, Sheila, in Union County in 1986.

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James Dellinger and Gary Sutton have been on death row since 1996. Both men were convicted in the 1992 murders of Tommy Griffin and his sister Connie Branan, in Blount County.

Christa Gail Pike is the only woman on death row in Tennessee. She was convicted in the torture and murder of a fellow Knoxville Job Corps student, Colleen Slemmer, in 1995.

Dennis Suttles was convicted in 1996 for stabbing to death his former girlfriend, Patricia Gail Rhodes, in the parking lot of a South Knoxville Taco Bell.

Lemaricus Davidson was sentenced to die for the torture, rape, and murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in 2007.

Before Billy Ray Irick, Robert Tines was the last person from East Tennessee to be executed. He died in the electric chair in 1960. There wasn't another execution in Tennessee for almost four decades.